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 Generate Solids Between TIN Surfaces with Dynamo

Generate Solids Between TIN Surfaces with Dynamo



Paolo Emilio Serra, Autodesk Implementation Consultant, demostrates how to leverage Dynamo for Civil 3D to generate solids between two cropped Civil 3D TIN surfaces.
From Paolo Serra's AKN page


This video is all about the programing instruction. Paulo integrates the Civil 3D API, Dynamo for AutoCAD and Civil 3D, with Dynamo core functionality to generate a result that cannot be accomplished without all the pieces working together.
This is an in-depth and instructive walkthrough of Paolo's Iron Python script code block with all the structures, mechanics, methods, and details.

Paolo's AKN page listed above includes other Dynamo for Civil related videos you will find instructive.


 Employ MAPCLEAN to Simplify a GIS Surface

Employ MAPCLEAN to Simplify a GIS Surface



Craig Batchelor, a Senior Application Expert for IMAGINiT, shows how to employ the Map 3D MAPCLEAN command and the Simplify Objects option to produce a smaller Civil 3D Surface from GIS data.
Visit the IMAGINiT YouTube page



Craig does a couple things in the demo that make me shudder, but his point of a smaller and more useable Surface produced by MAPCLEAN is a good one.
If you iteratively test the Simplify Objects parameter you will probably get to a more suitable result a bit quicker with less manual tweaking.
You can still process the MAPCLEAN results as Contour data which may be worth doing with some data sets.
Surface Weeding and Suplementing factors are a significant part of the TIN Wizard craft.
Left unsaid is the all too common problem of multiple forms of polyline/line data in public GIS data. Select and check the objects carefully.


 A Walkthrough of Autodesk Vault

A Walkthrough of Autodesk Vault



Joe Hedrick, a Senior Application Expert for IMAGINiT, walks through and then demos Autodesk Vault Data Management fundamentals and benefits. Visit the IMAGINiT YouTube page



Sadly, it's been a long while since I've found a decent Autodesk Vault demo. Thanks Joe. This is a good one and worth a review if you want to understand the benefits and mechanics of Vault.

We skip forward the start this video to the beginning of the Vault demo.
That does not mean the informative and detailed Powerpoint presentation before the demo isn't useful.

The better and more developed your Civil 3D Project Templates are the easier Vault is to implement and reap the just rewards.