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Useful Civil 3D Training from public website sources

    Autodesk staff, Autodesk Reseller staff, and consultants produce a wide range of video content. Some is product sales demo, but a lot of the staff and/or consultant recordings, lists, and channels include useful application training and helpful tips and tricks for Infrastructure Design products.
    Content that is significant video training is listed here.

    Please visit included links to the original postings. Those may contain details not included here for the sake of brevity.

Recent or Select Videos

 Grade Parking Lot Flowlines from a Feature Line

Grade Parking Lot Flowlines from a Feature Line



Nate Philbrick demos how to employ a Feature Line and a Grading to create Parking Lot flowlines in Civil 3D.
See the Autodesk Software with a Hack YouTube Channel


This is a part of a multiple video demo of the classic Feature Lines Only mechanics to grade the top surface of parking lot in Civil 3D.
A simple Grading like this one will generally remain stable.
Nice to see Nate base and get all the horizontal control for the parking lot design from an XREF drawing.

Instead of a Grading to create the intermediate surface, we could employ a simple Corridor and an Assembly with simple Link subassemblies or Lanes.
One advantage of the Corridor approach is we can generate the edge Feature Lines for both the Flowlines and our grading subgrade(s) in one pass with a Lane Sub.


 Civil 3D Dynamic Commercial Site Grading

Civil 3D Dynamic Commercial Site Grading



The CADiot Savant demos how to employ Civil 3D Feature Lines and Multiple Baseline Corridors created from them to build dynamic site grading solutions in Civil 3D.
Visit the CADiot Savant YouTube page.


We know that Civil 3D Features work well to help us perform site grading in Civil 3D.
When we combine them with Multiple Baseline Corridors, we get more adaptive and dynamic solutions.
We need to understand more about Corridor Region Frequency
and learn to better manage Referenced design control in our projects to perform this work well.

See our Blog Posts video page for more details about that.


 Hatch with Background Color in a Corridor

Hatch with Background Color in a Corridor



Autodesk's Jeff Bartels covers a quick tip of a method to add a background color to Civil 3D Corridor Hatch.
See the Jeff Bartels YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.


This nifty stacked Code Set Style trick works with any subassembly that includes multiple stacked Link codes assigned in the Subassembly.
It is also possible to employ levels of screened printing to both the hatch and the background fill in both STB and CTB with some planning.
Remember that Civil 3D includes the important Generic Pavement Structure (GPS) subassemblies which allow us the considerable liberty to assign custom Code names and other details inside the sub.

The link to Jeff's earlier series of videos on Corridor Code Set Style Hatches