Build Dynamic Knuckles in Civil 3D

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Build Dynamic Knuckles in Civil 3D



The CADiot Savant demos how to employ Civil 3D Connected Alignments and Feature Lines to build dynamic knuckle intersection solutions in Civil 3D.
Visit the CADiot Savant YouTube page.


The use of 2018+ Connected Alignments and Profile pairs in Corridors is a significant design method improvement in Civil 3D.
Mixing DREF design control with drawing design control will indeed cause Connected Alignment update issues.
We can employ all DREF design control in Corridors and produce great results.
That does mean we edit that design control in the design control data shortcut drawing(s).

Constructing our Corridor Baselines with partial cross sections rather the full cross sections has many other significant design advantages.

See our Blog Posts video page for more details about that.