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FDOT Civil 3D Corridor Modeling Symposium


Civil 3D Advanced Roadway Modeling


The complete dataset for all sessions can be downloaded here -

The Subassembly Composer documentation can be downloaded here -


A video from a post from the Autodesk Transportation blog by Jeff Bartels.

This is a 9 part video list that covers in-depth and detail an FDOT approach to corridor modeling for multi-lane roadways.

Covers methods to produce "nosings" in turn lane sections of divided roads. Does not employ Intersections. Employs a multi-corridor approach. Covers the details of Alignments, Subassembly name issues, Assembly Grouping, Baselines, and Regions. Employs Feature lines as targets. Includes Section Edits to Design Control.

This listing also appears in the FDOT YouTube channel.