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Code Set Styles Explained


Brian Morse from CADDesk Consulting did this training video for FDOT. It covers Code Set Styles in Civil 3D in good detail.
From the FDOT YouTube channel

You may want to watch this from YouTube so you can employ the timeline links from the description there.

Civil 3D Code Set Styles

Summary with Timeline

The timeline below is published with the video which allows you to skip to the bookmarks in the video.

An overview of the Code Set Style.
Topic covered: What are Code Set Styles, Editing and Creating styles, Changing Styles, Styles in the Section Editor

Table of Contents:

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 03:25 - Applying Render Materials to Corridors
  • 05:59 - Planimetric Code Set Style
  • 17:35 - Section Viewer
  • 40:09 - Shape Codes for Material Volumes

This Civil 3D Code Set Style post also covers the importance and usage of Code Set Styles really well in written form.
Everyone who employs Civil 3D needs to know the Four Things a Code Set Style Does.