Corridor Slope Benches

Corridor Slope Benches


This is part one of a multi-video series

Corridor Slope Benching with Stock Subassemblies


Alan explains and shows the classic stock subassembly methods to create sloped benches in a corridor.
If you want to employ repeating conditionals, that is also covered well in a short video.

Most folks are not really aware of neat trick of coping subassemblies to repeat things when you employ conditionals.

Corridor Slope Benching Using Subassembly Composer


This is part two of a multi-video series

Corridor Slope Benching with Subassembly Composer


Alan covers the Subassembly Composer basic geometry logic for the cut condition benching.
Not really complete but you get the core concepts in a short video.

See the follow up Subassembly Composer Logic videos for more discussions.

Videos from Alan's YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.