Create Best Fit Profiles in Civil 3D

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Create Best Fit Profiles in Civil 3D


How to Create Best Fit Profiles from a Civil 3D Surface


Jeff Bartels of Autodesk covers the basic of Best Fit mechanics for both the entire Best Fit profile and Best Fit segment methods in Civil 3D.
This addresses the problem of how to best match an existing surface to a new design profile for a roadway reconstruction.
From the Jeff's YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Imersion blog.

This all works great but you might actually want to match and evaluate the actual surveyed point data not a sampled surface built from that.
Note that if you pay attention in the video you can create Best Fits of either types from point data too.
That method including methods for Best Fit Alignments is covered in detail in our Deliverables course up in Video Training if you Register and login.