Create Corridor with Intersection in Civil 3D

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Create Corridor with Intersection in Civil 3D



A CAD Masters Civil 3D tech and trainer reviews and demos how to employ the Insection Wizard in a Civil 3D Corridor.
See the CAD Masters YouTube Channel.


Nice to see a good intermediate training video about the use of the Civil 3D Intersection Wizard.
Most recent intesection demos employ a Connected Alignment based workflow.
It is not necessary to create new a separate Offset Alignments in the Intersection Wizard.
Just select Yes to use an existing Alignment or Profile then select the named design control that you created earlier.

It is also a good idea to create and manage Civil 3D Assembly Sets in separate library drawings from a known library location.

Jump Kit ships with multiple AASHTO compliant Assembly Sets in an easy to customize structured library. Imagine that.