Disappearing Curb Solutions

Disappearing Curb Solutions

Multiple videos for different Civil 3D versions to resolve curb returns in corridors effectively.

Solve the Disappearing Curb Part 2 in Civil 3D 2018



Autodesk's Alan Gilbert walks through how to employ 2018 a dynamic Extracted Feature Line to solve Curb Return corridor problems.
This solution employs multiple corridor Baselines - one with an Extracted Feature Line from the same corridor and uses Regions with different Assemblies.

Solving the Disappearing Curb Part 1



Alan's earlier post and video solution for earlier releases of Civil 3D that employs an Assembly Offset within the Assembly
and Alignment/Profile control in the corridor.

Videos from Alan's YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.


You can also solve this problem with edited Civil 3D Intersections and/or combinations of Connecting Alignments in corridors with multiple Baselines and Regions.