Driveways in Corridors with a Custom Subassembly

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Diveways in Corridors with a Custom Subassembly


Use a custom subassembly to model driveway aprons in a corridor

There are three videos in this series. Use the List icon control to pick the video


Autodesk's Jeff Bartels walks through a custom subassembly (PKT file) and some complex workflow mechanics to create driveway aprons in a corridor.
This series is advertized to employ less targeting.
The PKT file employed can be downloaded here -
From the Jeff Bartels YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.


Jeff's Subassembly Composer PKT works but the workflow is tedious; actually involves lots of targeting; and is basically impossible to maintain when the design changes.
This is a workaround for a classic Civil 3D issue. Aprons and handicap ramps are a specialized forms of Intersection. Autodesk needs to fix this.

I might suggest taking the time to build Multiple Baselines for beyond the Edge of Travelled Way (ETW) or better yet - Back of Curb (BOC) as a more managable and robust solution.
Last time I checked most driveways rarely stop at the Back of Walk, but maybe I'm missing something.