Feature Line Corridors from Survey

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Feature Line Corridors from Survey



Timothy Corey of Delta Engineering Systems shows how to create a corridor from the most basic Survey linework.
Corridors from Feature Lines are also really useful and better managed grading design tools.
From the Timothy Corey's YouTube Channel.
Visit the website Delta Engineering Systems


Tim does the Corridor creation using multiple LenghtWidthAndSlope subassemblies from a single Feature Line and 3D polylines. Corridors from Feature Lines are really useful grading tools.
The targets of the Corridor Baseline Region could also be Survey Figures or other Feature Lines made from the same.
I would give the subassembly Point Codes names related to the Figure Targets to keep an audit trail and make output easier to perform.
Why would you want a corridor built like this from the surveyor's perspective? Better managed surfaces? Better deliverables for the design folks?
The dynamic Features Lines produced from the resultant corridor might also provide some really useful site design grading potential.
Maybe you just need to annotate the survey data by station.

See the Corridor Station Labels posts and videos series - Deeper Civil 3D Corridor Annotation