Feature Line Mid-Ordinate Distance in Civil 3D

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Feature Line Mid-Ordinate Distance in Civil 3D



Nate Philbrick explains and shows how Feature Line Mid-Ordinate Distance affects curves in breaklines added to Surfaces in Civil 3D.
See the Autodesk Software with a Hack YouTube Channel


This is a part of a multiple video demo of the classic Feature Lines Only mechanics to grade the top surface of parking lot in Civil 3D.
Civil 3D DTM surface models by definition do not support curves. How much detail is suitable for the task at hand?
This simple demonstration of basic breakline edit reality and functionality begs we ask the what level of detail is suitable question not just the classic civil/survey accuracy and precision ones.

Speaking of curve balls to the unwary...
Nick's Feature Lines were intentionally built with the Stepped Offset Tool. The Feature Line data points are effectively parallel. We may not always be so lucky.