Grade with Feature Lines

Grade with Feature Lines


Brian Morse from CADDesk Consulting did this training video for FDOT. It covers Grading from Feature lines in good detail.
From the FDOT YouTube channel

You may want to watch this from YouTube so you can employ the timeline links from the description there.

Grading and Feature Line Ditch Creation

See the follow up Surface Creation video

Summary with Timeline

The timeline below is published with the video which allows you to skip to the bookmarks in the video.

An overview of the process of creating Gradings using Feature Lines and how Manipulating the Feature Line elevations effects the Surface, also will show how to target corridor feature lines. Included in this session is; Grading Criteria, Surface Creation, Feature Line Editing, Raising/Lowering Surface, Grading Feature Lines, and Corridor Feature Lines.

Table of Contents:

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 03:37 - Using Inquiry Tool
  • 10:24 - Extracting data from Drawing Objects
  • 14:32 - Converting Objects to Feature Lines
  • 22:41 - Creating Offset Alignments
  • 26:00 - Creating a Surface Profile
  • 40:49 - Feature Line from Offset Alignment
  • 44:48 - Editing a Feature Line
  • 46:28 - Grading the Ditch