Median Design with Corridors

Median Design with Corridors



Kyle Groves, a Technical Specialist at ATG, explains detailed demo of the use of Marked Point and LinktoMarkPoint tools for median design in Civil 3D.
From the ATG YouTube Channel.


This is a decent walk through of median mechanics in Civil 3D with a focus on the use and purpose of Marked Point and LinktoMarkPoint subassemblies.
Kyle also manages to dig himself a design ditch delivering an solid approach to a common design problem which is instructive all be itself.

I'm not sure of the reasons for Kyle's aversion for more Regions in his Baselines or the addition of more Baselines in the example Corridor.
The necessity of Region and Baseline management in Corridors is another deep and time consuming topic. No worries.
The details of the employment of buried lanes, Marked Points (and their relationship to Codes in Code Set Styles) and LinktoMarkPoints in Assemblies is an important series of tips.
Any Free source of Subassembly Composer PKT files we can get and modify is a good thing. Thank you, CTC Software.