Parking Lot Curbs from Offset Feature Lines

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Parking Lot Curbs from Offset Feature Lines



Nate Philbrick demos how to use the Stepped Offset Feature Line command in Civil 3D to create Features Lines for curb structures in a Parking Lot.
See the Autodesk Software with a Hack YouTube Channel


This is a part of a multiple video demo of the classic Feature Lines Only mechanics to grade the top surface of parking lot in Civil 3D.
Both new and carefully named Feature Lines are quickly produced from the Flowline. A Civil 3D Grading is not employed to produce the curb structure.
We may not always be so lucky to create successful offset Feature Lines from complex Feature Line geometry. We may have to divide and conquer.

Yes. We could emloy the flowline Feature Line as the Baseline for a Corrridor with an Assembly with a Curb subassembly.