Quick Points Profile via Feature Lines

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Quick Points Profile via Feature Lines


How to Create a Quick Profile from Points via the Feature Line Elevation Editor Tool


Autodesk's Jerry Bartels walks through a workflow that employs COGO points to generate a 3D polyline, converted to a Feature Line,
and then employs the Draw3DEntityProfile option in the Quick Profile option of the Feature Line Elevation Editor to produce a Profile of the COGO Points.

From the Jerry's YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.


It pays to be a transparent Civil 3D user. The transparent 'PN command to a range of points is always a good tip.
This is a quick and dirty method we don't really think of. The example is a bit contrived, but makes the point.
I'd probably take the time to Create a point-based Alignment and project the Points by Point Group into the Profile View.

Maybe you want a Best Fit Profile from the points? I suppose it depends on the survey and/or design problem.
For reasons unknown and known, I keep remembering miles of irrigation and drainage ditches.