Tangent Slope Control By Superelevation

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Tangent Slope Control By Superelevation


Tangent Only Civil 3D Superelevation Tricks


Alan Gilbert of Autodesk explains the step by step on how to manually build and employ Civil 3D Superelevation Control on a tangent for slope control of lanes, shoulders, and structures.
From Alan's YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Imersion blog.

Pay attention that the subassemblies you employ are superelevation aware and set up properly as shown in the video.
Note that your tangent is faked as a curve in the Superelevation calculation tool. This is not initially intuitive.
This is a slick way to flatten lane slopes through intersections. You might want to document that you did this in the Alignment's description.

If there are previous Superelevation values on the Alignment make sure you clear them first. This is good practice even if you do not change the Super method Alignment Settings.
Anytime you have to redo a superelevation calculation it is probably good practice to start from scratch. Ok. Not always.
Note that in some older releases of Civil 3D, the software will hold onto earlier super values when you do not expect it.

See Civil 3D Superelevation Basics Overview and
Civil 3D Advanced Intersection Modeling for related video training