The 2017 Civil 3D v1 Enhancements

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The Dave and Dan Show Civil 3D 2017 Out Take


AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 v1 Enhancements

All these tools install in the Civil 3D Toolbox.
The video starts at the AutoCAD Civil 3D section of this public webinar.

Video Timeline

These are supplied so you can skip around to details that effect you.

  • 35:55 The Civil 3D Continuous Improvement Model
  • 38:40 Related Civil 3D Extensions
  • 39:30 The Important Service Pack 1.1
  • 41:40 v1 Enhancements Overview and Install, SP, and Model Details
  • 44:40 Civil Engineering Data Translator
  • 45:40 Rail Turnouts and Crossings
  • 46:20 Traverse Editor and Adjustments
  • 47:32 Subassemblies
  • 48:40 Labels from Property Sets
  • 51:16 Gravity Network Analysis
  • 54:50 Pressure Pipe Network Part Swap


If you have either v1 install and/or SP 1.1 install issues, see the link below

See this blog post