Move a Civil 3D Project to BIM 360 Design

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Move a Civil 3D Project to BIM 360 Design



Jeff Haney, a Technical Specialist at ATG, explains how to copy and move a Civil 3D project into BIM 360 Design.
From the ATG YouTube Channel.


The drag and drop method works. Creating the empty folder structure in BIM 360 Design first is probably more essential than implied here.
Usually it is best to get the basic BIM 360 folder permissions assigned to the structure beforehand as well.

Typically, you also want to chunkifize the upload process.
Take a folder by folder approach to the upload to help make the sorting out of XREF, DREF, and file dependencies in the process easier.
Upload folders and project files based on their age in the project. The more complex your project the more care to take doing this.

BIM 360 takes time to upload and process the uploads. Monitor the process with the Connector and in the browser BIM 360 interface.