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Shared Reference Points and BIM 360



Kevin Spear PE (Civil 3D) and Bill Knittle (Revit), Senior Application Experts for Synergis, deliver a detailed walkthrough of how to emplot Shared Reference Point tools and BIM 360 Docs with Revit and Civil 3D
Visit the Synergis YouTube page



This is a live user group meeting presentation so you get some of the benefit of questions from the crowd.
Note the use of Shared folders for published work in the BIM 360 Docs environment.

For Civil 3D folks this video provides a good picture of both the Civil 3D and the Revit side mechanics and issues.
There a bit of a hanky wave on why the revised building footprint is moved when an XREF is updated in Civil 3D.
As usual in a live demo and real life it is easy to assume, miss a step, or a checkbox.