Vehicle Tracking in Civil 3D 2015

Vehicle Tracking in Civil 3D 2015


Kevin Closson of the PPI Group covers Vehicle Tracking construction and details in the Civil 3D 2015 release.
Yes. There are newer videos of the newer releases but this oldy but goldy video covers the VT basics simply and well.

Autodesk Vehicle Tracking in Civil 3D 2015


This is an informative Autodesk Reseller technical webinar into the mechanics, workflow, and features of Vehicle Tracking.
I included this because it covers the VT essentials well without some of the flash and dash seen elsewhere.
The main features of Vehicle Tracking are all covered including Vehicle Tracking, Parking Lots, and Roundabouts.
The essential nuances of many Vehicle Tracking components is covered without obsessive detail.

The PPI Group YouTube Channel