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Civil 3D Basics Video Training

Useful Basic Civil Training from Civil 3D Experts and Consultants

    Civil 3D experts and consultants produce a wide range of video content. This pages features videos about some basic tasks in Civil 3D.
    Many of these videos are very short. Many may include tips and tricks and yet all include useful Civil 3D basics.

    Please visit included links to the original postings. Those may contain details not included here for the sake of brevity.

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The AKN online Help Video Collection for Civil 3D 2020

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Recent or Select Videos

 Build Custom Linetypes with Express Tools

Build Custom Linetypes with Express Tools



Autodesk's Jeff Bartels covers how to use the built in Express Tools available in both Civil 3D and AutoCAD to create custom linetypes.
This is a Tools for Tuesday post and video.
See the Jeff Bartels YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.


AutoCAD Linetypes are frustrating. Jeff does a good job of explaining how to use the built-in Express Tools command for linetypes in a reasonably short video.
Even very useful and necessary stuff like decompling SHX files so you can compile them back together into new ones. Hoorah.
Do this work in raw AutoCAD not in Civil 3D. Just sayin'.

Most of this video is a remix of an AU 2020 session Jeff delivered.

Do you wonder who invented the original AutoCAD Express Tools and the even the product name?
Got the orginal shrink-wrapped product floppy disks and tee shirts to prove it.


 Civil 3D Transparent Commands and More

Civil 3D Transparent Commands and More



Seth Cohen of Digital Drafting Systems Inc delivers a presentation on everthing you might want to know about Civil 3D Transparent commands mechanics.
From the Digital Drafting Systems Inc YouTube Channel.


Seth's usual great and high-speed job of covering some of the significant and nuanced production tips and usage mechanics for the Transparent commands, DYN, Line and Curve Tools, and more in Civil 3D.
Watch this video. You will learn something new and useful.
Covered are lots of real world production goodies about many Civil 3D drafting nuances and mechanics in an hour.


 Expression Driven Cut and Fill Labels

Expression Driven Cut and Fill Labels



Kyle Groves, a Technical Specialist at ATG, delivers a walkthrough of how to create Cut/Fill Labels for a Volume Surfaces in Civil 3D.
From the ATG YouTube Channel.


Kyle demos a classic and basic Civil 3D Cut and Fill Label Style that is modified with Label Style Expressions.
Yes. It is also possible to hide the chaff created in this example.
This requires a Set of Expressions that work together instead of a pair and the thoughtful use of the Text Component Editor (TCE) component properties.
Hint - We can hide negative values.