Apply Description Keys Command

Apply Description Keys Command


How Apply Description Keys command works in Civil 3D


Jerry Bartels of Autodesk covers the Civil 3D command APPLYDESCKEYS.
The command reapplies Description Keys to selected points in a drawing.
From the Jerry's YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Imersion blog.

The Apply Description Keys command is occassionly important so I posted the video. Jerry covers the essentials, but the context behind this video has problems.
Once in a great while it might be handy to employ COGO points and not a Survey Db. The video sort of implies the Point file import is the way to go in Civil 3D.

Survey Db driven Insert points and Remove points commands are a much more productive way to work with less overhead and more control.
How many jobs do you have with the example's small number of points?
AutoCAD's selection of Civil 3D points is still really slow when the number of points exceeds 1024. That is an ACAD issue not a Civil 3D one.
Note: The Apply Description Keys command also appears in Right Click menus in the Civil 3D Prospector Toolspace for collections like Point Groups.

Finally, Civil 3D Description Keys do a lot more than assign Point Styles. They also function in an ordered priority stack in Civil 3D - more than one Description Key Set is possible.
In other words, Jerry's example to some extent belittles what Civil 3D can really do to make you productive with Points.

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