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Band Label Superimposed Profiles


How we can add more Profile bands to label superimposed profiles in a Profile View.

One way to Band Style Label Superimposed Profiles in a Profile View

Jeff Bartels of Autodesk delivers a bad and nasty edit hack of Band Styles in a Profile View.
From the Jeff Bartels YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.

See the previous and related video post


I was sorely tempted not to publish this video. Sorry. Jeff.
Everything beyond the most basic Band Style edit mechanics is
a great example of what NOT to do and How to execute that poorly.
The simple fact you'd show people ancient Simplex.SHX font AutoCAD ONLY symbol inserts in a Label Style is bad practice. No Unicode Support = print problems.
You could have easily added components to a Copy of the initial Band Style, but chose to mash up an overlayed second band is hard to justify.
OK. You could argue the second hidden band would show nothing if used again without any connected Profiles.

From a CAD Management and Civil 3D User QAQC consistency follow up perspective, the whole thing is demonstrably horrible.

The smart Civil 3D user take away...

How to find the good in the bad and ugly.
When you have to do repeated and similar edits in the Civil 3D Text Composer in any Label Style have an ASCII text editor open too.

A list of NCS and ISO Arial True Type Unicode character strings of important symbols is a critical resource if you ever have to publish to another CAD or GIS format.
Here's the Our Special Friends have Character post with a character symbol list and how to get more.