Basic Assemblies and Corridors in Civil 3D


How to Build Basic Assemblies and Corridors in Civil 3D


KaDe King of USCAD covers the basics of Assembly, Corridor, and Intersection mechanics in Civil 3D in an hour from the USCAD YouTube Channel.

Thanks, KaDe. KaDe always teaches fundamentals well.
This is a good webinar on the Civil 3D roadway Corridor and Intersection essential mechanics.
Please note her attention to the naming conventions is indeed obsessive and absolutely necessary.
Needless to say, I'd probably start with the Intersections and
not the Corridor Regions in between the obvious multiple Intersections in the project.

See the infamous Intersections and Corridors training video page
for a more Complex Corridor advanced method and practice.

Get the Framework for Civil 3D and get better Corridor Style Tools in Civil 3D