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Civil 3D Label Style Primer


The Basics of Civil 3D Label Styles and Label Sets


Mike Racca of the Florida Dept of Transportion (FDOT) CADD Support Group covers the basics of Label Style and Label Set in Civil 3D.
From the FDOT Training YouTube Channel.

Mike does a fast and yet detailed coverage of this mission critical Civil 3D topic.
There are well-constructed and informative slides and three distinct and more than adequate demostrations of the practics of Civil 3D Label Style and Set edits and application.

My only caveat would probably be the misuse of the Layer property assignment that happens in the Contour Label edit.
We can assume the Layer Linetype property is part of the standard.
To change that to "fix" the Label Style border component display is probably a no-no and not what you want to do.
Annotative Labels shouldn't go on contour graphic display Layers in the first place. OK. It is just a demo. No big deal.