Civil 3D Sites and Feature Line Priorities

Civil 3D Sites and Feature Line Priorities



Jason Porter of Applied Software demos the Site Parcel basics and the bare essentials of the Site Parcel's Feature Line Style Priority in Civil 3D.
From the Jason Porter's YouTube Channel.


Jason gets the Site Parcel basics correct except that the Site Parcel is not imaginary in any way. The Site Parcel collector is a real deal.
OK. I can accept the explanation that a Civil 3D Site is somewhat imaginary because the Site Parcel itself has no Style in Civil 3D and is always invisible. Autodesk should fix this.

Left unsaid by Jason - The complex logical relationships between Corridor Code Set Styles and Feature Line Styles when coupled with Site Parcel Feature Line Priority demands a plan.
Feature Line Priority based on Style assignments works in Sites and was built initially to help resolve site grading issues. In the old days all Feature Lines had to be in a Site. Now Feature Lines can be Siteless.
Since we might employ Corridors to dynamically solve more more grading problems the importance of Site Parcels, the current applied Code Set Style (which can reStyle Corridor Feature Lines), and Site Feature Line Style Priorty is both more complex and more useful.
We must manage all of that or be schooled.