Combine Civil 3D Alignments

Combine Civil 3D Alignments


How to Combine Civil 3D Alignments


Chris Fugitt, Civil 3D Expert Elite and author of the Civil 3D Reminders blog fame, details a basic method to join Alignments together in Civil 3D.
From the Chris' YouTube Channel.
Here's the Civil 3D Reminders blog link

There is no built-in tool to accomplish this task in Civil 3D. This quick and dirty approach works if you can destroy one of the Alignments.
Edits to promoted copies of the Alignments from Data Shortcuts always works and keeps a record of before and after if you need that.
You could also set your OSNAP to NODE (one at each end of every Alignment segment) and build a combined new one with the Alignment Layout Toolbar Tools.
That has the QAQC advantage of making you check the relationships and properties of the segments in more detail, but it takes more time.