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Duplicate Point Civil 3D Solutions

A useful pair of duplicate point videos and how to tips and tricks.

Duplicate Points By Proximity



Autodesk's Jerry Bartels covers how to use the Civil 3D Point Proximity Report - the AECCREPORTPOINTPROX tool.
The Toolbox>>Miscellaneous Utilities>>Reports>>Point>>Point Proximity Report tool allows you can quickly identify duplicate (or near duplicate) Point objects within your Civil 3D model.

The follow up video...

Delete Duplicate Points Strategies using Excel



Jerry Bartels from Autodesk walks through several workflows that can be used to address duplicate Civil 3D Point Objects.
These workflows are demonstrated in a logical order from complete removal and replacement to a more surgical approach to a non destructive approach.
Jerry employs both Civil 3D tools and mostly Microsoft Excel.

From the Jerry's YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.


The Toolbox can be a significant resource when you want or need more from Civil 3D. It pays to remember to take a tour.

There are some maybe not so obvious Excel Filter and Column to Row conversion tricks presented in the second video.
Excel to CSV is a bit nastier about the number of digits displayed and actually saved than Jerry explains.
In other words - always check this in Excel BEFORE saving.

I hope you aren't silly enough to still employ Point Groups in your published surfaces and COGO points in general.
Survey Dbs Rock!