Model Medians in Civil 3D 2018 Corridors

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Model Medians in Civil 3D 2018 Corridors


Donnie Gladfelter, aka The CAD Geek, of CAD Microsystems employs some stock Civil 3D subassemblies and 2018 Offset Alignments with slope-controlled Offset Profiles to model a road with a median.
From the CAD Microsystems YouTube Channel


Basic median stuff presented well. However, the implication in the begining of the video is you'll get the how to on an intersection break with turn lanes.
Donnie dodges the additional Widening and Region constructions perhaps for the sake of time or to be presented in a follow up.

The separate Baseline attack plan that employs the 2018 slope controlled Offset Profiles is interesting if you need the median edges to separately vertically controled.

Those twists and turns can be seen in the Offset Profiles and Superelevation in 2018 video.