Model with Offset Alignments and Profiles

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Model with Offset Alignments and Profiles



Kyle Groves, a Technical Specialist at ATG, explains Dynamic Modeling with Offset Alignments, Profiles, and Widenings in Civil 3D.
From the ATG YouTube Channel.


This is a decent walk through of Offset Alignments, Offset Profiles, and basic Widening mechanics in Civil 3D.
Kyle suggests some naming convention examples that I'd take with a grain of salt, but the need to employ Name Templates with a plan is very important.
I prefer to keep all my Parent and child (All the related features) for project data shortcuts in a single separate container drawing so they can be edited and/or replaced from one place.

More complex Widenings (like knuckles on curves) unqestionably take some practice as do Widening transistions with complex curves.
It pays off significantly to pose yourself problems and do the practice work before you try them in live projects.