Show Coordinate Tracking

Show Coordinate Tracking


The Civil 3D SHOWCT Coordinate Tracking Tool with Benefits


Jerry Bartels of Autodesk covers the Civil 3D SHOWCT command's features and benefits in a quick demo.
A Civil 3D user can see in real-time the X,Y position of their cursor as well as the elevation of any Civil 3D surface in the drawing.
The coordinates can be easily captured, edited and passed to future commands.

From the Jerry's YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.


Another one of those Civil 3D tools we want to bash our head into the keyboard over because we forgot about SHOWCT when we needed it.

Someone asked if you could use this for Feature Line creation. Sure.
But the Transistion options of the Feature Line commands mostly work better when used with Civil 3D's Transparent commands.

You might want to watch John Sayre's video Dynamic Grading in Civil 3D