Surface Volume Basics in Civil 3D

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Surface Volume Basics in Civil 3D


A series of five videos about Surface volumes and mechanics in Civil 3D.

Data Shortcuts

Start with the proper sharing surface data in a project which may be the most important thing.


Create a Finish Grade from Contours

Covers how to adjust incorrectly located contour data with a 2 Point Align.


Create a Volume Surface with a Table and Report

Covers Elevation Range and Table Style adjustments for the annotation and report tools


Create Cut and Fill Labels on a Grid


Create a Corrected Datum Surface

Covers the self referencing surface data problem you can encounter and how to work around that.


Chris Fugitt, author of the Civil 3D Reminders blog, details the basic fundamentals of Surface mechanics, volumes, tools, and annotation in Civil 3D.
From the Chris' YouTube Channel.
Here's the Civil 3D Reminders blog link