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The Civil 3D Curve Calculator


How to Use the Civil 3D Curve Calculator

Jerry Bartels of Autodesk shows how to use the Civil 3D CurveCalculator command to compute numerous geometric values related to arcs.
For example, by entering a radius and chord length, Civil 3D can immediately compute, Arc length, delta angle, external secant and more.
From the Jerry's YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Imersion blog.


Where the CurveCalculator tool is hidden away in the Ribbon (Draw Panel) contains all the old school LDT construction tools. Good news.
The bad news is you may still believe that these methods of linework construction and then a manadatory By Object converstion to Civil 3D Features
like alignments, parcel segments, etc. is the best way to perform feature construction in Civil 3D. Although common sadly, this is not true.

Will the CurveCalculator work on Civil 3D Features like alignments, parcel segments, etc. Hmmm?

The Civil 3D Traverse Editor also might be another way to attack the common problem Jerry describes.
In the TE you can save variations as extermal files which comes in handy.