Use GIS SHP Data in Civil 3D

This is a four-part video series on Map 3D Style fundamentals and annotation mechanics.

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Videos in the Playlist

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How to create a portable GIS data layer file in Civil 3D

Autodesk's Jerry Bartels demonstrates how to import a GIS file into your Civil 3D model and then stylize it to suit your needs.

How to use the Round function on GIS data labels in Civil 3D

Jerry shows the use of built-in functions or expressions to improve annotation

How to use the Concat function on GIS data labels

Jerry shows how to concatenate string data in labels

How to use the IF conditional function to analyse GIS data in Civil 3D

Jerry shows the basics of Map 3D Style themes based on conditionals

All videos from the Jerry's YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.