Validate a Parking Lot Surface in Civil 3D

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Validate a Parking Lot Surface in Civil 3D


Slope Analysis Surface Style Use in Civil 3D


Jeff Bartels of Autodesk explains how to employ a basic Surface Style Slope analysis to a parking lot surface.
He also includes classic demos of basic Civil 3D surface tools. This is the point of the video
from the Civil Imersion blog.

My simple rule is to always run 3 or more Surface Analytics to every surface.
Note that a deeper set of initial ranges for the slopes would clarify the slope issues in less time.

Surface Styles that include slope arrow components and/or contour components at small increments really help.
The Framework for Civil 3D includes all of these necessary grading design Style tools.

The surface here is built from Feature Lines which is itself part of the problem.
A corridor-based design with better horizontal, vertical, and cross section control usually produces less cleanup.
It is also more responsive to multiple design modifications. A bit more setup work with more payoff.