Civil 3D and SSA Workflows

Civil 3D and SSA Workflows


Three Part Series on Civil 3D and SSA Basics


John Sayre from Autodesk provides the essentials of Civil 3D and Storm and Sewer Analysis workflows.
This is a three part series. Use the list icon to pick the video to watch.
From the ADSKInfrastruction Channel on YouTube

  • Video 1 - Setup and Settings
  • Video 2 - Detention Pond Design and Workflow
  • Video 3 - Storm Water and Pipes and Inlets Workflows

The initial build of your Pipes and Parts Lists isn't really covered in proper depth, but you do get the important concepts.
As with all things Civil 3D a thought out Setup and Execution Plan is a must.
Get the Framework for Civil 3D and get a great head start.