Convert a Plant 3D Pipe Catalog to Civil 3D

Convert a Plant 3D Pipe Catalog to Civil 3D



Craig Batchelor, a Senior Application Expert for IMAGINiT, shows how to to leverage Plant 3D Catalogs to build pressure pipe content in Civil 3D. Visit the IMAGINiT YouTube page



The methodology and workflow to convert Plant 3D database catalog data over into a viable Civil 3D is worth knowing.
Craig does an HDPE Pressure Pipe one from a free Autodesk downloadable catalog in this example.

This may or may not be more inclusive than the HDPE PP catalog available with Civil 3D which depends on the age of your install.

Your more practical Civil 3D Parts List will be produced by thinning down after some testing as Craig demonstrates.

You might want to use headphones to hear this video clearly. It is a pretty quiet recording.
You do need an AEC Collection license and/or access to the Plant 3D Spec Editor that is employed in the process.