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Civil 3D Survey Video Training

Useful Basic Civil Training from Civil 3D Survey Experts and Consultants

    Civil 3D experts and consultants produce a wide range of survey specific video content.
    This pages features videos about survey tasks in Civil 3D.
    These may range from the very basic to advanced topics.
    Get a Civil 3D Survey Db running even if you only do design.

    Please visit included links to the original postings. Those may contain details not included here for the sake of brevity.

Visit Civil 3D Survey a Jump Speed

Recent or Select Videos

 Civil 3D Survey Template Tips and Tricks

Civil 3D Survey Template Tips and Tricks



Cindy Davenport of ZenTek Consultants demos how to improve the capabilities of a Civil 3D template to maximize Survey data and Surface construction in Civil 3D.
From the ZenTek Consultants YouTube Channel.


Cindy does a great job covering how and why Description Key Sets, Figure Prefix Dbs, and essential Civil 3D Point Groups can help to power up a Civil 3D production template.


 Lat Long Coordinates in Civil 3D

Lat Long Coordinates in Civil 3D



Eva Helps, a Seiler Design Solutions tech, demos how to display Lat Long Coordinates inside Civil 3D 2024.
How to employ the GEOLATLONGFORMAT system variable.
Visit the Seiler Design Solutions YouTube page
See the Seiler Design Solutions blog.


 Import Survey Data into a Civil 3D Survey Db

Import Survey Data into a Civil 3D Survey Db



A training review of the basics of Survey Data Import and Survey Databases in Civil 3D.
Visit the Civil Click This Do That YouTube Channel page.


A better than decent video about the basic setup steps required to make Survey in Civil 3D work.
Obviously, we need to also set up the coordinate systems in both the Civil 3D drawings and the Survey Db. These need not agree if we need to transform the collected survey data.

It is also handy to remember that we can save and externalize all the many Survey Settings and import the Settings specifics on demand.

See our famous Civil 3D Survey at Jump Speed page for many more training videos.