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Civil 3D Grid to Ground Transformations


A set of 3 older videos on Civil 3D Grid to Ground Transformations by Alan Gilbert of Autodesk
Alan posts on the Civil Imersion blog with Jerry and Jeff Bartels.

Use the list in the control to pick the video

Civil 3D Grid Ground Transformations

  • Part 1 - COGO Points
  • Part 2 - Survey Database
  • Part 3 - Drawing Data


It is a good idea to watch the entire series to get the whole point and various issues involved.

Covers the essential issues of Grid to Ground Transformation in Civil 3D.
Alan also covers the creation of a local coordinate system by copying an editing an existing one. Great stuff.

A word of caution - more current versions of Civil 3D Survey may handles the Survey Db transformation differently.
Best to check as this may vary also in specific service pack releases.