How Advanced Linework Breakline Codes Work

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How Advanced Linework Breakline Codes Work



Jeff Moris, a Senior Application Expert for IMAGINiT, walks through examples of how to employ some Civil 3D Survey advanced coding techniques for Figure and Breakline Linework.
Visit the IMAGINiT YouTube page


This Jeff's Linecode 102 or Linecoding Part 2 of a series.

The video explores the contents and topics of the Special Codes page of the Civil 3D help file.
Topics Covered:

  • Begin and End Curves - sorry no discussion of tangency in detail
  • Point coding to create nodes in multiple Figures
  • Figure creation that includes connections to previous points - RPN and CPN codes
  • Child Figure creation with horizontal and vertical offsets
  • Adding both Figure Prefix Db defined breakline figures and other figures as breaklines to a surface

You can probably figure out why Jeff changes his default delimiter and default escape character in his Linework Code Set from the example results, but he really doesn't clarify why he wants to employ the space character differently.
I'm not sure I like his default delimiter alternative for other Civil 3D Survey string interpreter reasons, but to each his own.
He makes the really important point that editing FBK and/or point files in the shop is useful and very productive.

Linecode Video Series

The Framework for Civil 3D includes 2000+ Codes, matched Description Keys, Figure Prefix Dbs, and all the above resources. This makes it a better place to start.