Manual Stakeout Points Tools

Manual Stakeout Points Tools



Korey Gaddy, of TPM Solutions, details basic the Civil 3D Point creation tools for Alignments and a method to employ them for stakeout creation.
From the TPM Solutions YouTube Channel


Korey presents the essentials of the Civil 3D Point creation tools for Alignments. Sometimes we need the tools so these are worth understanding.
Korey's choice of some descriptions used makes me shudder. We do want to avoid the use of Survey command keywords in them unless that is our intent.
Sadly, Korey also misses the fact that we can employ Offset Alignments along with the centerline Alignment to do the point offset work.
His intent is to review the Civil 3D Point tools for Alignments not all the other means available for us to use afterall.

Obviously, for construction stakeout you probably want to employ a grading surface from the corridor rather than the top surface to pull point elevations from.

For any structure made from Corridors you might want to employ the results of one or more Toolbox Alignment Reports to create the stakeout point output from the aubassembly Point Codes much faster.
See the Point Wizardry in Civil 3D page and the linked posts for the details.