The Traverse Editor Tool in Civil 3D



Scott Kraner PE, a Application Expert for IMAGINiT, walks through how to build and edit a traverse in the Civil 3D Traverse Editor tool.
This is a basic instructive tutorial. There is a separate follow up video on the Traverse Adjustment Tool functionality.
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Scott explains the details of the Traverse Editor pretty well. He covers the most important entry methods well for a once over.

An important reminder and word of caution...
You want to immediately Save the travese file as soon as you establish a POB and can do so.
In the Traverse Editor we are working memory in Civil 3D and not really in a drawing. The actual data relies on the file we save. Save often.
You may also want to save separate files for audit purposes and a library of TRV files can be a useful project resource.

For some silly reason the Traverse Editor still only produces polyline output and no Civil 3D Features like Parcels, Alignments, or Figures.

See the follow up The Traverse Adjustment Tool in Civil 3D video