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    Autodesk staff and other experts produce a wide range of video content for Dynamo for Civil 3D.
    Some is product sales demo, but a lot of the staff and other expert's recordings, video lists, and channels include useful application training and helpful tips and tricks for core AutoCAD and Autodesk Infrastructure products.
    Content that is significant video training is listed here.

    Please visit included links to the original postings. Those may contain details not included here for the sake of brevity.

Recent or Select Videos

 The Autodesk Dynamo Hours Playlist

The Autodesk Dynamo Hours Playlist


You can employ the list control in the player to select and play any of the many videos in the playlist.


An on-going and in-depth series of webcasts that cover all things Dynamo delivered by the Autodesk Dynamo geeks.
From the Autodesk Customer Success Channel Playlists


Welcome to Dynamo Hours.
Want some in-depth instruction and how to about Dynamo?
This on-going and growing playlist of Autodesk 1-hour webinars can be really helpful and informative.
Most of the Autodesk Customer Success webcasts have 3-5 minutes of introductions, etc. before the presentation.


 Dynamo Basics in Civil 3D

Dynamo Basics in Civil 3D



Bryan Tanner, a Technical Specialist at ATG, delivers an walkthrough of the Dynamo basic mechanics in Civil 3D.
From the ATG YouTube Channel.


All the basic mechanics of Dynamo they don't tell you but you need to know in an hour.
It is important to remember that Dynamo for Civil 3D 2022 by default employs Python 3.
This may require that you update scripts from the old 2.7 syntax to the new 3.0.


 Export Civil 3D Station Offset Labels to CSV

Export Civil 3D Station Offset Labels to CSV



MicroCAD's Samir Rezk delivers a review of a simple Dynamo for Civil 3D script to automate Station Offset Labels to CSV.
See Samir Rezk's AKN Screecasts page
See the MicroCAD YouTube Channel.


The CSV out mechanics for Dynamo shown here can become pretty useful to master.