Automate Staking Plans with Dynamo

Automate Staking Plans with Dynamo



Stephen Walz aptly details and compares two Stakeout Plan workflows - A classic and tedious Civil 3D manual workflow and a Dynamo for Civil 3D script workflow to speed up the production process.
From the Stephen Walz YouTube Channel


As usual, Stephan delivers an interesting approach and solution to a classic and tedious Civil 3D problem with some nice clear Dynamo script goodies.
Stephan's systematic buildup of the complexity of the Dynamo script is worth our attention.

Some of us might like to assign Point Numbers by his Description Point Groups via some managed numbering plan. This is possible.
Adding the Point Numbering Code Blocks to the final scripts should not be a big deal if you employ an Excel or CSV file to lookup that for each list.
You could also employ a simple traverse like Alignment to Group the point locations by Setup location and maximum distance metrics if you were so inclined.
That might be useful if you employ Corridors and Features lines to design and document the design.