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Recent Videos

 New in Infraworks 2022 Playlist

New in Infraworks 2022 Playlist


You can employ the list control in the player to select and play any of the videos in the playlist.


Autodesk's Ben Wardell demos the Road Decorations improvements in Infraworks 2022.
Andy Manze shows off the other new Infraworks features and tools in this playlist.
From the Autodesk Infrastructure Channel Videos


 Infraworks Surfaces from Civil 3D

Infraworks Surfaces from Civil 3D



A basic Infraworks walkthrough of the import and setup of Civil 3D sourced Surfaces from dwgs.
See the Procad Ireland YouTube Channel.


BIM 360 Design does make the initial surface import simplier into Infraworks for dwg container Surfaces, but is not required.
There are useful tips and tricks covered in this short and sweat video.


 New in Infraworks 2021.1

New in Infraworks 2021.1


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Autodesk's Andy Manze and Ben Wardell deliver a series of quick videos that focus on the new workflow features in Infraworks 2021 Update 1.
From the Autodesk Infrastructure YouTube Channel