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 Infraworks Model Imports into Civil 3D 2023

Infraworks Model Imports into Civil 3D 2023



Jason Porter delivers a short and sweat How to overview of the processes in Infraworks 2023 and Civil 3D 2023 to import Model Builder data into Civil 3D.
See the Jason Porter YouTube Channel


One really quick way to initially evaluate the public GIS data available for a site with AEC Collection products.
The other nifty approach in to employ the Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS if the area and data is publically available in ArcGIS On-line.
Infraworks allows us to combine and select the better available data sources to start a project in Civil 3D.


 Autodesk Infraworks 2023 Playlist


 New in Infraworks 2022 Playlist

New in Infraworks 2022 Playlist


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Autodesk's Ben Wardell demos the Road Decorations improvements in Infraworks 2022.
Andy Manze shows off the other new Infraworks features and tools in this playlist.
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