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Recent Videos

 New in Infraworks 2019.2

New in Infraworks 2019.2




Autodesk's Ben Wardell and Ara Ashikian show off the new features of Infraworks 2019.2 with a focus of Bridge, Generic Objects, new basic Tunnel Improvements, and Revit interoperability.



This webinar is a detailed look at 2019 Bridge improvements with a focus on the new powers of Generic Objects for Infraworks 2019.2 and Revit interoperability.
Ara's not-so-simple examples are certainly worth a look see.


 Infraworks 2019.2 Updates

Infraworks 2019.2 Updates


New Infraworks 2019.2 New Feature Videos

Various staff at Autodesk preview the new and improved features in the latest update release of Infraworks 2019.2.

The Infraworks Home Menu


The Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS 2019.2


The BIM 360 Connector for 2019.2


Generic Bridge Object Improvements 2019.2


 Concrete Bridge Design Workflows

Concrete Bridge Design Workflows




Autodesk's Andrew Manze explains the latest InfraWorks led bridge design workflow.
Andy demonstrates how to rapidly identify workable bridge designs in InfraWorks, refine design parametric specifics in Autodesk Inventor, and then move to rebar detailing and plan production using Autodesk Revit.
The webinar includes a brief peek at Autodesk Structural Bridge Design integration as well.