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Useful Infraworks Training from public website sources

    Autodesk staff, Autodesk Reseller staff, and consultants produce a wide range of video content.
    Some is product sales demo, but a lot of the staff and/or consultant recordings, lists, and channels include useful application training and helpful tips and tricks for the Autodesk Infrastructure Design products.
    Content that is significant video training is listed here.

    Please visit included links to the original postings. Those may contain details not included here for the sake of brevity.

Recent or Select Videos

 Infraworks Facades from Photos

Infraworks Facades from Photos


Use Photographs to Create Custom Infraworks Facades

Autodesk's Jeff Bartels explains the simple process of using photos to build your own custom facades in Infraworks.
A key takeaway - The Facade level of details must be Medium or above.

Prepare Digital Images for Materials


How to Create and Prepare Photo Images for Materials

In this follow up Jeff uses Photoshop to produce typical Material images for use in Infraworks and other Autodesk applications.
From the Jeff Bartels YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.


 Feature Extraction in Infraworks 2018.1

Feature Extraction in Infraworks 2018.1


Autodesk's Product Manager for Reality Capture, Ramesh Sridharan, demos a walk-through of
the new and upgraded Reality Capture Feature Extraction capabilities in the Infraworks 2018.1 Update.

The first few introduction minutes of the video are skipped, but are available.


Ramesh employs the new and updated Feature Extraction tools in Infraworks 2018.1 on a typical Lidar point cloud of a mile of state DOT roadway.
Autodesk ReCap Pro questions about point cloud conversions from imagery for use in Infraworks and Civil 3D is briefly discussed.

Note that the Infraworks lingo of Feature Code translates to a resolved Figure Prefix in common Civil 3D speak.

 What’s New Videos for Infraworks 2018.0

What’s New Videos for Infraworks 2018.0


The What’s New in Infraworks 2018 Playlist

You can play any of the 8 videos in the playlist by clicking the playlist icon in the control.



If some of these look sort of familiar, they are. Most do represent further improvements to the final 2017.3 release from January 2017.