Dave and Dan Show Sept 2016

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What's New in Infraworks and Civil 3D 2016


The Civil Development Team reviews the new features of Infraworks 360 Sept 2016 release
and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 v1 Enhancements.
There is a timeline breakdown listed below.
Featured are Infraworks 360, Autodesk ReCap, and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 updates.

Bridge Design upgrades were previewed earlier.

Dave and Dan Show Sept 2016

Video Timeline

Who doesn't like to skip to the beef?

  • 10:15 Infraworks Sept Updates
  • 11:50 Release Highlights
  • 13:40 Roads and Bridges
  • 14:54 Roadway Grading
  • 15:33 Complementary Tools
  • 17:45 Component Roads
  • 18:40 Superelevation
  • 19:40 Cross Sections and more Views
  • 20:20 Grading and Materials
  • 21:10 Earthwork Quantities and More Analysis
  • 22:00 Pavement Drainage
  • 22:45 ReCap Laser Scan Survey data into Infraworks and Civil 3D
  • 31:05 Contours in Infraworks
  • 35:55 The Civil 3D Continuous Improvement Model
  • 38:40 Related Civil 3D Extensions
  • 39:30 The Important Service Pack 1.1
  • 41:40 v1 Enhancements Overview and Install, SP, and Model Details
  • 44:40 Civil Engineering Data Translator
  • 45:40 Rail Turnouts and Crossings
  • 46:20 Traverse Editor and Adjustments
  • 47:32 Subassemblies
  • 48:40 Labels from Property Sets
  • 51:16 Gravity Network Analysis
  • 54:50 Pressure Pipe Network Part Swap


This latest Infraworks release is focused on detailed Engineering design tools for the DOTs.
The Sept update is rich and deep with lots of new capabilities.

There are important goodies in the AutoCAD Civil 3D v1 Enhancements
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