New in Civil 3D 2019

New in Civil 3D 2019 Videos

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Autodesk staff produce a wide range of video content for a product release.
Some is product sales demo, but a lot of the staff recordings, video lists, and channels include useful application training and helpful tips and tricks for Infrastructure products.
Content that is significant video training is listed here.

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Recent or Select Videos

 Rail Design in Civil 3D 2019.1

Rail Design in Civil 3D 2019.1




Autodesk's Ben Wardell demos Proposed and Existing Multi-track Railway Alignment Design workflows Civil 3D 2019.1.
Ben answers lots of interesting questions along the way of this voice-over webinar presentation.



The multiple Baseline corridors with multiple Region workflows are particularly useful to note in the video.
Dummy or placeholder alignments can be really useful and down right mandatory.
In other words, even if you don't do rail, but do complex multi-lane road corridor design or corridor site grading parts of the video are valuable.
The other most important thing to recognize - Know Thy Subassemblies.


 Civil 3D Batch Save Utility Basics

Civil 3D Batch Save Utility Basics



How to use the Civil 3D Batch Save Utility to upgrade Civil 3D drawings.
From the ATG YouTube Channel.

Batch Save is a great tool. This video covers how to use it to upgrade Civil 3D drawings.
You should read the detailed posts on some of the Batch Save Utility quirks and how to employ the important nuances not explained here.

Batch Save Utility in Civil 3D 2019

Reprisals and the Civil 3D Batch Save Utility