New in Civil 3D 2020

New in Civil 3D 2020 Videos

Autodesk staff and other experts produce a wide range of video content for a product release.
Some is product sales demo, but a lot of the staff and other expert's recordings, video lists, and channels include useful application training and helpful tips and tricks for core AutoCAD and Autodesk Infrastructure products.
Content that is significant video training is listed here.

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 Highways and Dynamo in Civil 3D

Highways and Dynamo in Civil 3D



A Dynamo in Civil 3D 2020 demo with a focus on Highway Corridors infrastructure.
From the Autodesk Infrastructure Channel Videos.


Dynamo for Civil 3D allows for customization of some important details in 2020 Corridor models.
Most of this is initially focused on Civil Objects (like in Infraworks) as shown.

Videos in this series


 Four Bridge Design Tools in Dynamo for Civil 3D

Four Bridge Design Tools in Dynamo for Civil 3D



Autodesk's Adam Walmsley, Senior Technical Sales Specialist at Autodesk Australia, details 4 Bridge Design workflows using Dynamo for Civil 3D 2020.
From the Autodesk ANZ YouTube Channel.


Some niffy Dynamo for Civil 3D 2020 examples of Station locations, top surface to base calcs, various labels, and block placements.
The examples also include the use of an Excel spreadsheet location-based data source.
The Bridge Design scenaro employed merely sets the narrative for the example Dynamo scripts which can be applied to many purposes and workflows.


 New in Infraworks 2020 and Civil 3D 2020

New in Infraworks 2020 and Civil 3D 2020



Autodesk's Product Managers, Nick Zeeben (Infraworks) and Tim Yarris (Civil 3D) with Ben Wardell and Nigel Peters (Dynamo) review the new Infraworks 2020 and the Civil 3D 2020 tools, enhancements, features, and fixes.


  • 5:22......What's New Infraworks 2020
  • 12:14.....What's New Civil 3D 2020
  • 22:40.....Questions and Answers
  • 31:33.....On the fly Dynamo for Civil 3D demo
  • 41:30.....Back to Questions and Answers
  • Comments

    The new in 2020 sections for both Infraworks and Civil 3D feature voices overs of the previously released Autodesk videos with some more detail.

    There are lots of Dynamo for Civil 3D questions and answers plus an off the cuff demo of Dynamo for Civil 3D.